Our team is creative, nimble and responsive, delivering innovative design ideas supported by decades of industry experience. Learn about our forward-thinking customer solutions, including assembly, CNC bending, engineering, advanced manufacturing and new services in development.

Reshoring, Re-engineering, Reducing Costs

Every customer wants efficient service and good prices. Once in a while, they also discover a true collaborative partner like GS3, one they can trust to consistently deliver creative ideas, responsiveness, and engineering experience.

Design as a Service: GS3’s Prototype Lab

Though GS3 is known for its engineering and assembly capabilities, our customers are increasingly requesting our advanced manufacturing design services.

Advancing Assemblies, One Project at a Time

Much of GS3’s growth over the past few years has been in great leaps forward, in rapid, anticipatory transitions from one level of capability to another.

CNC Partnership Factory

As GS3 has grown, we’ve deepened all of our capabilities, finding room to expand and develop whenever we discover unique needs among our customers and across our industry.