GS3 develops warehousing processes to fit unique customer needs for supply chain efficiency. We can operate multiple processes in one facility or dedicate a site to a specific project as necessary. Our operations are designed to maximize material flow, reduce obsolescence, and recycle waste.


GS3 processes over 4 million parts annually. We professionally manage the purchase order (PO) process, parts procurement and the production parts approval process (PPAP). We seamlessly integrate our programs and your operations, leading to improved communications and increased visibility. Our services include Cross-Docking, Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, and Assembly & Sequencing.


GS3 is a successful integrator with the capability to deliver complex parts and assemblies for automotive, aerospace and agriculture. Our philosophy is to design, manufacture, assemble and sequence solutions that work. Our goal is to create skill-specific teams to work with you to engineer solutions that meet and exceed your requirements.

GS3 works because we are large enough to handle the big jobs and nimble enough to positively support unexpected production up-turns.

GS3 is part of Deshler Group. Based in the Detroit area, Deshler offers global solutions, from IT, supply chain management, manufacture and assembly to storage, packaging, distribution and transport.

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