“Do you know who you are? Yes. I am the daughter of an IRS auditor and an AFL-CIO union organizer. My maternal grandparents were tobacco farmers…and I am the woman who founded GS3, Global Strategic Supply Solutions, a multi-million dollar, Tier One automotive supplier.”

Lisa Lunsford, founder and CEO of GS3 Global, was invited to address the 2018 Detroit Policy Conference, an annual gathering of Detroit’s foremost executives, politicians and thought leaders, organized by the Detroit Regional Chamber. This year’s conference focused on the need to emphasize civility in all interactions, especially in business.

In her powerful afternoon speech, Lisa recounted her mother’s advice to define and know herself, telling her “it’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to, and only you will decide what that name will be.” Lisa also discussed her experience creating and growing GS3, despite economic challenge, into an award-winning, highly respected company.

Lisa also challenged the room filled with “dream-makers, life-changers and decision-makers” to throw away their biases and to choose leadership marked by empathy, self-awareness and service to others.

Lisa’s “Power Perspective” talk can now be seen here, courtesy of the Detroit Regional Chamber.